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Postal Address:
Stadt Meißen
Markt 1
01662 Meißen

Tel: (+49) (0)3521-4 67 0
E-Mail: post[at]stadt-meissen.de

Town twinning

Altogether, Meißen is twinned with six cities worldwide in Europe, Asia and North America. The first twinning took place in 1964 with Vitry-sur-Seine in France. There are common interests between Arita-chó in Japan and Meißen with regard to china production. The city of Fellbach near Stuttgart and Meißen are both wine cities. Korfu located in Greece is famous for its cultural and architectural attractions. The north Bohemian city of Litomérice (German: Leitmeritz) and Meißen have similar natural prerequisites like their Elbe and wine hillside location as well as their historically old parts of town. The latest town twinning took place in 2001 with Provo, a city with high-tech industry in the vicinity of the Rocky Mountains in the State of Utah in the USA.

Beside official contacts, partnerships between towns are taken care of by numerous privately committed people strengthening the bonds between the cities by generating a multiple variety of activities.