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Postal Address:
Stadt Meißen
Markt 1
01662 Meißen

Tel: (+49) (0)3521-4 67 0
E-Mail: post[at]stadt-meissen.de

Location information

The central position of the “Große Kreisstadt” [chief town with district administration] located in the middle of the Free State of Saxony which represents a strategically favorable position between eastern and western Europe promotes the development of new markets in all directions. Located between the Saxon cities of Dresden, Leipzig, Freiberg and Chemnitz, Meißen profits from modern traffic infrastructure of the whole Free State of Saxony, e.g. the highway A17 to the Czech Republic and the highway A4 to Poland.

The Epicenter of Meißen is

one of the world’s most important ceramic locations (mining of raw material, tile production, production of pigments and glaze, refractory ceramics, sanitation ceramics, technical ceramics, medical ceramics, tableware china, porcelain manufacture, porcelain and ceramic artists, innovation center including research and development),

an administrative center (city administration including planning permission authorities, district administration, highways department, tax authority, local court, accident insurance Saxony, job center etc.),

an educational center (all German school types at one location, boarding school for highly-gifted students of the Free State of Saxony, Freie Werksschule [Privately owned school with PYP, MYP and DP-program], vocational school center, vocational training center, university of applied sciences of the Saxon administration, vocational academy of middle Saxony etc.),

a medical center (Elbland hospital, center of TCM traditional Chinese medicine, Meißen Hahnemann center, radiology practice, dialysis clinic etc.),

a perfect place to live (numerous jobs in Meißen and its surroundings, childcare centers and places in day nurseries available; suburban railway connection to Dresden, family-orientated city, public library, city theater, cinema, low building land prices …).

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