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Postal Address:
Stadt Meißen
Markt 1
01662 Meißen

Tel: (+49) (0)3521-4 67 0
E-Mail: post[at]stadt-meissen.de


European location for modern education

Meißen is famous far beyond its regional borders as a school location and educational centre whose roots can be traced back through the long history of the city.

The city is striving to become an academic center. Further schools to satisfy special needs are planned.

State grammar school Sankt Afra

State grammar school Sankt Afra
The world’s heritage of classical education belongs to the traditions of the newly founded Saxon Landesgymnasium St. Afra in 2001. On the campus of the ancient Fürstenschule (school founded by the prince-elector of Saxony) 300 students called Afranerinnen and Afraner are living and learning together – it is here where academic excellence and social interaction are strongly linked with each other. The special way of living together on campus obliges to a political self-image both publicly and privately. The foundation of the school is in recognition of an up-to-date promotion of highly gifted children by the Free State of Saxony. The asset education is to be fostered by the intensive promotion of highly-gifted children and teenagers thus leading to a vivid kind of democracy. In line with tradition, still today only highly-gifted students are selected for this Gymnasium. The stated-owned grammar school Sankt Afra belongs to the attractions of the school location Meißen.

University of applied sciences of the Saxon administration

University of applied sciences of the Saxon administration
Again, with the construction of the University of applied sciences of the Saxon administration (FHSV) the Free State of Saxony has recognized Meißen as an important educational center. As Meißen is the cradle of the Free State of Saxony, the FHSV in Meißen is the cradle of the middle management level of the Saxon administration and the judiciary branch. Meißen offers abundant opportunities of practical experience accommodating numerous municipal and regional authorities including its close vicinity to the capital of the Free State of Saxony – Dresden.

Protestant academy

The Protestant academy
The Protestant academy of Meißen is a conference location and a meeting center of the German Protestant state church of Saxony. It sees its role as a mediator between the church and society offering its location, time and opportunities to discuss various topics, questions and problems of society including religious matters. At the same time, it promotes cultural affairs. Anyone who wishes to do so can visit events – independent of his or her philosophy of life and education. In the ancient monastery court St. Afra you will find the office of the honorary academy beside the pastoral college of the Protestant state church of Saxony – a continuing education center for preachers.

Further schools

Further schools
Beside the already mentioned educational centers, there are further important educational institutions for professional training. In accordance with the general school development plan, Meißen offers general education for its children and teenagers with three elementary schools, two middle schools and the 100 year-old, traditional grammar school called Franziskaneum. Besides, there is the Freie Werksschule Meißen. Three special schools welcome children with special needs supporting them to integrate into modern society.