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Postal Address:
Stadt Meißen
Markt 1
01662 Meißen

Tel: (+49) (0)3521-4 67 0
E-Mail: post[at]stadt-meissen.de

Culture and leisure time

Culture in Meißen
Meißen has always been the ideal place for arts and culture. The “cradle of Saxony” is also the cradle of Saxon culture and savoir-vivre. The city’s history comprises of more than 1,000 years. Within the course of all these centuries Meißen has inspired artists. With good reason it can now be stated: Meißen is the cultural center of the Saxon Elbe country. There exists a vivid arts and culture scene cultivating traditions of Saxon culture. Moreover, modern trends in arts are also addressed. Whoever wants to experience art and culture in Meißen is spoilt for choice: He or she may choose from as many as 600 events per year.